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Thank you for visiting. We hope to serve as a launching point to well made, affordable sheets, sheet sets, bed sheets, bed linens, linens or whatever you'd like to refer to them as, we can point you in the right direction; and towards other stuff too (like the home decor products to your right)!

We've chosen to break it down by thread count, because of the expansive nature of dimensions available within the bed sheet or bed linen industry; especially those that are sold as sheet sets. All of the fabrics and thread counts mentioned are percale sheets.

percale -

thread count -
  • the number of actual woven threads per square inch of woven fabric and is one indicator in the quality of the product, another would be the type of fabric used

    note: there are many products being sold today that are touted as having an astronomically high thread count (for example, 1200) and many are really only half of what is stated. Why? They are using a double twist yarn instead of a single twist yarn in processing the threads for weaving. The regulatory process or lack thereof allows the end product to be marketed at an inflated 2 times the actual thread count woven into the fabric.

    While many fine products and services emanate from Southeast Asia, not all products are being produced with the craftsmanship many have grown accustomed to, with regards to home textiles and especially linens; give it time, however.

    You think you're getting 1000 thread count, but it may only be 500 or you may get 1000 thread count, but the weave falls apart after very few wash cycles. The lesson? Beware the combination of extremely low prices and very high thread counts. However, sometimes, one can get lucky; just try to do the homework. :-)

All listings are, of course, machine washable and durable; as well as soft and inviting. Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the feel from the very first usage. In most cases, the more the fabric is laundered, the softer the sheets will become, regardless of thread count and/or fabric composition.

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